Jinsi ya kupata Tin number Online TRA 2022

Jinsi ya kupata Tin number Online TRA 2022

Jinsi ya kupata Tin number Online TRA 2022

Online application for a Jinsi ya kupata TRA or OTS TRA Tin number. Online TIN Registration, TRA TIN Login, TRA TIN number search, Online TIN Service (OTS), TRA Online TIN Registration Online TIN number check, Nimesahau TIN number, my TIN number, Jinsi YA kupata TIN number, and TRA are all available.

What is the Tin number?

It can be either digits or letters that are shortened from the full version of the Taxpayer Identification Number, which is used to identify numbers used for tax purposes. This acronym originated in the United States and was adopted by many African nations, including Tanzania.

OTS TRA Online TIN Service

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) created the OTS TRA Online TIN Service system to streamline or relieve the backlog of people in need of TRAs. If you have a smartphone or computer linked to the internet and you can access OTS Tra, use an online technology service to allow users with Internet connection to construct an All Tin app online in a few simple steps right now.

With 24-hour access to the service, TRA Online TIN Services (OTS) is the online platform that will enable the TRA to offer clients (taxpayers) a quicker and more cost-effective self-service for registering for tax identification numbers. 7 / base.

Jinsi ya kupata Tin number Online TRA OTS

Here are steps to get TRA TIN Number Online

  1. you enter https://ots.tra.go.tz
  2. Click on REGISTER and enter the National Identification Number (NIDA) and the phone number you entered on the NIDA forms
  3. Set up your phone or email contacts for receiving messages.
  4. You will receive a PASSWORD message
  5. Change PASSWORD
  6. Click APPLY TIN
  7. Then click NON BUSINESS TIN
  8. Fill in all the places with *
  9. Click SUBMIT if you are satisfied that the information is correct.
  10. You can click on TIN STATUS to check your TIN and you can download a copy of the TIN.

Tanzania Revenue Authority Online TIN Service (OTS)

The Internet TIN Service (OTS) is the online platform that would enable TRA to offer clients (taxpayers) a quicker and more cost-effective self-service TIN registration because access to the service will be made available around-the-clock.

For the purpose of proving a person’s identification throughout the registration procedure, the system must be integrated with the National Identification System.

The system requires that each applicant have a National Identification Number (NIN) that has been issued by the National Identification Authority (NIDA).

Getting Started

  • NIN Authentication and User Management
  • User: Taxpayer

One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication

  • Browse TRA Online TIN Service on TRA website (www.tra.go.tz) found under Register TIN or direct URL (https://ots.tra.go.tz) and click register button
  • Enter National ID and Mobile Number captured during national ID registration and then Click Next button
  • Enter One Time Password (OTP) and Click Next
  • Random Security Questions Authentication

The system will employ random security questions that are related to the information provided during National ID registration to authenticate the user if the cellphone number is incorrect or not entered.


  • Click Register if you are first time user
  • Click Login if you have an account to Login

Register Here Login Here

Download The User Manual Here [Attached PDF]

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