Vodacom Tanzania Opportunities, April 2023

Vodacom Tanzania is the largest communications company in Tanzania. It offers a wide range of services for consumers and businesses, such as voice, data, messaging, financial services, and enterprise solutions. On August 15, 2017, the company was listed on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange. Vodacom Group Limited, a South African company, owns the majority (75% holding) of the Group, which consists of Vodacom Tanzania and its subsidiaries.

Vodacom Group Limited is mostly owned by Vodafone Group PLC, a company based in the United Kingdom. At Vodacom, we work hard to make the future better. A world that is more connected, includes everyone and can last We are able to do this because we live in a global community with a lot of energy and because, along with technology, we have a lot of creative people.

We take risks and try new things so that people, businesses, and communities all over the world can connect with each other. We work hard to please our customers and earn their loyalty. We try new things, learn quickly, and work together to get things done. With us, you can really be yourself and feel like you belong. You can share ideas, try new things, grow, and make a real difference.

New Opportunities at Vodacom, April 2023

The company is looking for people to fill new positions that have opened up. READ FULL DETAILS OF THIS VACANCY THROUGH THE PDF DOCUMENT ATTACHED BELOW:


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